Know thyself – Before it’s too Late

Socrates famous words are inscribed on the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, a place where the ancient Greeks would gather for advice from an Oracle. The priests would then translate the Oracle’s mystical vision from the Gods, for the population. After hundreds of years, has anything really changed? Are we still looking outside of ourselves for the answers? Is our reality being filtered and tainted by an outside source?

Have We Created A Matrix of Fear?

Yes, we are being bombarded by negativity from the culture around us. When did a snowstorm become catastrophic round the clock devastating news? Why are the least educated and ignorant given the camera and microphone the most? We are at the point where the over exposed brainwashed masses now think it legitimate for a greedy, egotistical businessman to bully his way onto the world stage through media, money and no talent, just because they have seen him exiting his private jet night after night on television. He looks presidential on the promos for his reality show and hey there is also that word “reality” which helps make it seem even more real. Obviously, the fear-based culture we have surrounded ourselves with hasn’t evolved very far from the times of the ancient mystics prophesizing death and destruction or from the war mongering ancient conquerors.

Evolve we must. People are starting to turn off the TV’s tired of the numbness and ignorance it produces. Why is the media so intent on scaring us? Sex and violence sell and now they have discovered that fear sells too. We need to stop buying into it. Unplugging from the media matrix that dominates our focus will allow us to become aware of the truth that is right in front of us.

Our inner truth that no one can put a negative ‘spin’ on so we buy more stuff. Accessing Our Inner Truth.

An inner knowing is available to us through a simple meditation practice that moves our awareness inward to a place that is free of labels, politics, religion, race and the illusion of fear. To an inner world where the seeds of truth, integrity, intuition, love, and gratitude are sown. Self-awareness must develop for us to evolve until we see ourselves in each other. We will see the similarities in the human race as opposed to the race distinctions that separate us. We can alter our perception to see less hate and fear and see kindness and equality as a normal part of life rather than the exception. Choosing loving thoughts is a great place to start. Next time we make that judgment call on another person, stop and think how we would want to be treated in the same situation. Give each other a compassionate break.

Knowing thyself not through someone else’s ego driven ideas of how they want us to be, but finding our own path of peace is easier than we think. To spread peace through the world, we must first become peaceful ourselves. That means going within via a daily meditation practice that will recalibrate and reset our inner world to match up with the outer world.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote, “ Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.”

Finding Peace Through MeditationAll types of meditation will give us the benefits we crave at this time in history. A Buddhist Metta or loving-kindness practice is especially helpful as it guides us to see each other through innocent caring eyes. We don’t need to be a Buddhist to appreciate meditation. Any variety will cancel out the noise so we can find peace is within, love is within, truth is all around us and we are all actually connected on a deeper level. We are one big human family that can evolve by helping each other for the good of all.

Moving from a fear-based reality of separation that accentuates only our outer differences, to a loving and uniting vision of the world is essential for the individual and the global community. Spiritualist Marianne Williamson is not alone when she speaks of extinction as a real possibility for the human race. Many in the scientific community join her. In her book “A Return to Love”, she warns us that our decisions individually and collectively can make the difference.

One thing, however, is sure: we are the transitional generation. The critical choices lie in our hands. Future generations will know who we were. They will think of us often. They will curse us, or they will bless us.”We have come a long way from the times of following the crowd like sheep. We are waking up from a bad dream. Our consciousness is starting to evolve to the point where we can truly ‘know thyself’ and know each other as one human species that all bleed the same color from hearts that vibrate to a compassionate beat.

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