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To spread peace through the world, one peaceful person at a time through the power of technology.

Kathryn is all about connection and the ripple effect that peace and the vibration of love have on all beings and on our precious planet.

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Kathryn is a passionate meditation instructor that brings decades of experience into her classes. Born in the US, but relocated to Australia as a girl where she first learnt to meditate at age 16 and earn her B.A. Psychology and MA from the University of New South Wales. She backpacked around the world, finding homes in both Boston and Sydney, and now based in San Francisco.

When a fire-walking, chanting, yoga enthusiast, meditation teacher develops an App for inner peace, you know it will be unique. This meditator of 40 years says, “If someone had predicted back in college that I could reach so many at once, through their phones, it would have been hard to imagine it as anything but science fiction.” Luckily, due to the miracle of technology, we can have peace right in our pocket. Kathryn is now devoting her life to spreading inner peace, and over delivers with a side of love, fun and happiness. Peace is now possible anywhere, anytime for anyone.

Kathryn Remati

Meditation Coach

Meditation Classes
& Workshops

Book private meditation class for friends, a corporate wellness event, or yoga retreat.

Come as you are wearing comfortable clothing and prepare to deeply relax in a seated or lying down position. This is your quality time for self care and wellness. 

You will be gently guided through a themed meditation set to beautiful binaural beat music. Feel the stress melt away as you relax from head to toe and you may be asked to visualize a passive scene from nature.

While in a deep, meditative state of relaxation, we will plant positive seeds in the mind with powerful affirmations for health  and happiness. This experience promises to relax and rejuvenate the most stressed or anxious person.

In one hour you will not only learn a little more about your brain and mind, but experience the effect of inner peace first hand. If nothing else, you will sleep soundly and have less wrinkles after this class.

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What People are Saying

About Kathryn's classes


The pandemic has created a lot of anxiety and brought up past traumas. This app is the only thing that brings calm during stressful days and moments. Highly recommend.


Tranquil Me App When learning any new skills training, nothing beats having an experienced guide to get you started. Kathy is a great guide who pulls from her own experience – that comes from her own daily practice!

Andrew Kelley

The Boston Buddha

Shout out to Kathryn from Tranquil Me for her Meditation Mondays class. Both my 12 year old son and I enjoyed our first class last week and look forward to more! Check out the meditation app also.

Christa DiNapoli

For all the frazzled mum’s out there, if you haven’t tried Tranquil Me App’s Meditation classes, then you are missing out. Kathy ran yet another wonderful class this morning – really set me up for the day. Left me calm and totally at peace with the world. You won’t regret it!!

Jackie McCrimmon


Thank you for such a beautiful evening! I can honestly say each and every one of us left there is peaceful bliss…it was a treat! I’ll be back…thanks again.

Annette DeVito

I just wanted to support a local mom, Kathy Remati, who offers meditation classes. Tried the class this morning, I was so relaxed…I drooled! Kathy – if you read this, thank you. It carried me through the rest of my very long day.

Jennifer Sohn


Kathryn is honored to have been published as a contributing writer for many magazines and wellness websites.

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