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Welcome. Here you’ll discover wonderful meditation resources and thoughtful information all created to help you reset your equilibrium and find harmony and inner peace in your life.
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Upcoming Events

Join Kathryn for a live class every weekday with 26 million other meditators from around the globe. Follow her profile on Insight Timer to get exact dates and times. Participate with her enthusiastic community of meditators that love compassion meditations as well as meditations on abundance, healthy weight, goal setting and sleep meditations all live. It’s a great way to connect and meet wonderful people from all over the world while spreading peace.


Guided Meditations

For everyone, everywhere, even on airplane mode.

Find various classic meditations for loving-kindness, breath practices to cultivate mindfulness, body scanning as well as original guided imagery themed meditations for gratitude, healthy weight, goal setting, intuition and sleep to name a few.

Bonus soundscape waves background sounds to give your mind a mini vacation to reset and relax.


What People are Saying

Reviews from the App Store


Love this for better sleep. First full nights sleep in years! Thank you for curing my insomnia and anxiety with your SLEEP track ❤️


One with Everything. Pun intended! I use all the tracks especially when traveling because it works on airplane mode!


Peace at last!!! I can feel palpable real vibrations of peace with all tracks! Namaste!


I played the “Sleep” meditation. Wish I could tell you how it was, but I have no idea: I fell asleep after the first 5 minutes!


I love this app. My kids have used “Waves” while studying and said it helped with their recall on a test.


It’s much more than a relaxation aid for a hectic travel schedule. It’s an everyday, every life event aid.


This helped me in so many ways. I suffer from anxiety and it really helps calm and ground me.


I just love love her voice… it is refreshing, gentle and kind. The choice of music is so soothing. Treat yourself! You are worth it!


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Meditation Teacher
Kathryn Remati

Creator of the popular Tranquil Me meditation app to spread peace, one peaceful person at a time. Certified Los Angeles based meditation teacher, Health Instructor for Kaiser Permanente, and writer. Learn more about Kathryn's classes and articles

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Relax, Focus and Find Peace

Self help does not have to always be too serious. Tranquil Me meditation app offers a light refreshing, yet powerful way to improve your overall health. Add a dose of love and happiness to your wellness toolkit

Yogi's Love It

Yoga means ‘union of body, mind and spirit’. Are the last ten minutes of your yoga class the best part? Then this app is for you. It’s the time when you go within and enjoy the peaceful, relaxed effects of the physicality of yoga. Savasana is seen as an important part of the yoga practice when integration of all levels is achieved. Tranquil Me app is the perfect way to extend the meditation anytime and anyplace outside of the brief end of a yoga class. Take inner peace home with you.

Bon Voyage!

PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES. A must have for an enjoyable journey. Tune out the annoying distractions and chill out with binaural beats that relax you under any circumstances. Ideal for traveling passengers with headphones. Reach your destination revitalized and with a positive attitude. Once you have downloaded the APP you don’t need to be on wifi to listen to the meditations.

Get Well Soon

This is the perfect gift for the bed-ridden person you care about in the hospital or home recovering from illness. This healing meditation will be a forever friend long after the flowers are thrown out.

Deep Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? This is the ultimate way to catch those elusive zZzz’s without any medication. Extremely effective for anyone that doesn’t know when to quit or those who just can’t find the pathway to golden slumber.

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